Rapidon 5K

Rapidon 5k is a high molecular weight polymeric liquid compound possesses the properties to agglomerate fine particles and settle at the bottom in small span of time. Rapidon helps in reducing water impurites and apply with discharge limits established by local and state authorities.

In an examination conducted by CSIR, it was found that rapidon 5k is effective in settling of fine particles of coal washery, iron/bauxite ore beneficiation plant’s tailing and fly ash of thermal power plant. The use of rapidon 5k is highly beneficial in terms of enviornmrntal protection and it will also save the economic resources.

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Physical Form Light purple colour Liquid
Solubility Easily Soluble with water
pH 7 to 7.5 (Neutral)
Specific Gravity 1.05 + 0.05
Phenol Nil / Not present
Chloride Nil / not present
Waste Oil Nil / Not present
Bio – degradable Bio – degradable
Toxicity Non-Toxic, Easily Bio – degradable & Environment Friendly.
Flash Point More than 158O Centigrade
Flow Characteristic Free Flowing Liquid above15 deg Centigrad
Stability Twelve months from the date of manufacturing under storage conditions.
Hazardous & Toxic Metal ANYALYTE Regulatory Levels mg/L


CIL Limit

Results with Detection Limit ppm (mg/L)

Metal RCRA Limit Results
Result shows the tested Arsenic (As) 5 Nil
sample Barium( Ba) 100 Nil

Cadmium (Cd) 1 Nil

Lead (Pb) 5 0.016

Mercury (Hg) 0.20 Not detected

Selenium (Se) 1 0.170

Silver (Ag) 5 Not detected