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Tire Pyrolysis Carbon

Pyrolysis has the potential of transforming used ...

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Carbon Black N70

JBS provides a carbon black for coloring cement ex...

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Carbon Black N90

For Details , Please Contact

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Filtrations Chemicals.

Activated Carbon Powder

Powdered, micron-sized activated carbon particles ...

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MnO2 is used for the purpose of softening hard wat...

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Granular Activated Carbon (Multi Products)

The adsorptive capacity of granular activated carb...

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AFM (Multi Products)

Anthracite Filter Media are filtration materials f...

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Grinding Aids

SMax 32+

S max 32 + is unique combination of chemicals , es...

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GS.Max 64

Why Use Grinding Aid? It was observed, during gr...

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S max 32

Hsn code - 3824.40.90 Prepared additives for ceme...

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GS. Max 45

Cement Grinding and performance Enhancer For fu...

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Other Chemicals

Rapidon 5K

Rapidon 5k is a high molecular weight polymeric li...

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Concrete Chemicals

Chemical admixtures are the ingredients in concret...

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CEMEX Activa

Cemex Activa is a powdered form additive, develope...

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Prepared Additive for Cement Mortar or Concrete.

PAC 56

PAC 56 is another prepared additive for cement esp...

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PAC 86

PAC 86 is another prepared additive for cement esp...

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PAC 106

PAC 106 is a prepared additive for cement, especia...

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