GS.Max 64

Why Use Grinding Aid?
It was observed, during grinding process a coating is formed over the grinding media. This coating is formed due to Static charges, Surface energy forces, Absorption & Mechanical impacts. The coating results to reduction in grinding capacity of grinding mills by 15-20%. Grinding aid helps in removing the coating and results in increased output by 10-15%.

Product Description
GSmax 64 is a special cement additive that is synthesized by our laboratories to assist cement industry in rising mill output, improving efficiency of grinding, decreasing electricity cost and reducing pack or silo set.

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  • Increased mill output by 10%-15% at same cement fineness
  • Reduced grinding cost
  • Effective for both Ball mill & VRM.
  • Increased fineness at same power input to enhance performance
  • Increased cement flow ability
  • Improved cement strength through all ages
  • Minimal dosage (0.05% to 0.06% by weight of cement)
  • A significant reduction of pack set or silo set due to superior flow ability of dry cement powder.


Form Liquid
Color Brown to amber
Specific Gravity 1.10 – 1.13
Chloride content Nil
PH Value 7 / -1
It complies ASTM C 465 as processing additive for cements

Technical Details:

It generates a very thin monomolecular film around the particles which soften electrovalence bond as well as neutralize electrostatic changes on the particle edge.

Electrovalence of its organic group component act on the calcium CA++ and oxygen O- bond, Ion formed by GSMAX, OH-(CH2)n) neutralizes all electrostatic charges on the clinker and cement particles which eliminate coating and provide higher fluidity of the ground materials.


Dosing is done using an accurately calibrated dosing system at the first compartment of the mill whether open or close circuit. Typical dosage rate may vary from 0.01%-0.10% by the weight of cement. JBS technical team assists in proper setup of dosing system.